Adhesive & Enduction

Adhesive & Enduction

The right adhesive...


To suit your every need, EUROGRIFFE has set up its very own lab, and created special resistant adhesives to withstand even the harshest industrial environments.

As such, we are proud to offer you extremely efficient products for the carpet industry, mattress and logistics market.


Auto-adhesive, Thermo-adhesive, or a combination of the two; your needs require a particular adhesive?

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The right materials…


Besides the traditional paper and cardboard, EUROGRIFFE offers a wide array of modern fabrics for use in the textile-industry:

Polyester, Acetate, taffetas, Cotton, Polyamid, etc..


The strength of EUROGRIFFE rests on our ability to combine these materials, its specific adhesive and one of our many printing techniques, to obtain a result suiting your needs.


Look no further, you have found the solution you need!