Focus on carboard

Hang tags are usually made of cardboard and are available in a range of shapes, colours and sizes. They can be quickly and easily attached to the product using a cord, a ribbon or a thread.

Many creators see hang tags as a reflection of a brand’s identity.

They are an essential element for fashion, bedding, household linen and carpets.

Technical features


  • Many types of cardboard

  • Recycled cardboard

  • PVC

  • Leather or imitation leather

  • Woven

  • etc.

Sizes and finishes

  • All shapes possible

  • Folded

  • Detachable perforations

  • etc.


  • Leather cord

  • Cotton cords

  • Metal cords

  • Metal eyelets

  • etc.

Personalised printing:

  • Recto verso

  • Pantone colours, four-colour printing or mixed

  • Special, varnish, relief, puff inks, etc.

  • Logo

  • Text

  • Photo

  • Barcode

  • etc.


  • Anti-theft device

  • RFID

  • Suitable adhesives

  • RFID

  • Variable data management (barcodes, images and texts)

  • etc.

Hang tags

Technical data sheet
Hang tags

Size: 110x80 mm
Material: Paper Core Gloss 250 g
Colour: Recto verso four-colour printing
Specific feature: Perforation Ø4 mm


Technical data sheet
Hang tags

Size: 110x55 mm
Material: Paper 300 g
Colour: Recto verso 2+1
Specific feature: Perforation Ø3 mm + matching cord

Cartonnette_Clair de lune 2.jpg

Technical data sheet
Hang tags

Size: 85x55 mm
Material: Paper 350 g
Colour: Four-colour printing
Specific feature: Perforation Ø4 mm and special cut with curved notches

In the photo, the hang tags are accompanied by three-thread woven HD polyester labels and a four-colour pin with epoxy resin surface.

Cartonnette_Retro 2.jpg

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