Lending style to your brand 

A label with relief adds extra value to your products and emphasises the position of your brand. Leather or imitation leather labels are often associated with jeans but could also be used to surprising effect for other applications and make your brand stand out even more!  


Technical features 


  • Natural leather 

  • Imitation leather 

  • Natural suede 

  • Synthetic suede 

  • Wide choice of colours 

  • etc. 

Sizes and finishes

  • Choice of shapes and sizes 

  • Sew-on 

  • Self-adhesive 

  • etc. 



  • Logo 

  • Text 

  • etc. 


  • Debossing 

  • Embossing 

  • Laser engraving 

  • Printed 

  • etc. 

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