A perfect finish for your mattresses

Our woven or printed trim with its grosgrain texture lends your mattress a luxurious, original finish.

Our trims will enhance your mattresses to perfection. 

Technical features 


  • Polyester
  • Grained polyester  
  • ...

Sizes and finishes

  • Width 40 mm (or customised) 

  • On rolls 

  • ...

Personalised printing

  • Blank, printed or woven trim 
  • Pantone colours 
  • Logo 
  • ...

Specific features

  • Oeko-Tex 

  • Wash resistant 

Technical data sheet

Technical data sheet : Printed trim 

Width: 40 mm  
Material: Grained polyester 
Colour: 2 colours (Pantone) 
Finish: Rolls, 200 m. 

GALON Tissé.jpeg

Technical data sheet : Woven trim 

Width: 40 mm  
Material: Woven HD polyester  
Colour: 2 threads 
Finish: Rolls, 200m

GALON Imprimé.jpeg

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