For more attractive products

Whether in paper or cardboard, inserts are perfect for providing information on larger products. As the ideal supplement to your communication, they will be effective in situations where a small label would probably go unnoticed.

Inserts are an original and practical means of making your product more attractive and increasing its visibility.

Boost your sales with inserts.

Technical features


  • Paper

  • Cardboard

  • Recycled

  • etc.

Sizes and finishes

  • All shapes possible

  • Special shape

  • Grooved flap

  • Detachable perforations

  • etc.

Personalised princting

  • Recto verso

  • Pantone colours, four-colour printing or mixed

  • Logo

  • Text

  • Photo

  • Barcode

  • etc.


Technical data sheet
Self-adhesive polyester insert

Size: 297x420 mm
Material: Self-adhesive polyester canvas PK200
Colour: Four-colour printing
Finish: Individual.
Specific feature: Strong adhesive

ENCART 2.jpeg

Technical data sheet
Self-adhesive paper insert

Size: 210x297 mm
Material: Self-adhesive paper
Colour: Four-colour printing + gloss varnish
Finish: Individual with wider silicone
Specific feature: Strong adhesive with wider silicone


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